“The YAMATOBITO” is published by Kyoei Printing Incorporated. The company was established in 1965, and has mainly been handling commercial printing in Nara Prefecture. While handling our business, we thought that we would like to create something which may contribute to the local development or publicity while utilizing our business. We also felt that we would like many more people to know about the amazing place where we grew up and started to create “The YAMATOBITO”.

“YAMATOBITO” is a collective term we use for various activities and products which have been born through our editing of “The YAMATOBITO” and the good friendship with people we have known through our activities.

Now and in the future, we would like to keep good bonds with many people. We will endeavor to expand the circle of “people who feel the warmth of people and scent of nature” beyond the region and can be a bridge between people allowing them to reconfirm the warmth of people’s kindly hearts through “YAMATOBITO”.


“Convey information about the area which enhances and vitalizes the local economy”

“Communicate the warmth of people and scent of nature”


* Free community paper “The YAMATOBITO”
Nara is a place where the history of Japan began. The YAMATOBITO is a must-have free community paper for Nara fans which can be referred to as a bible for Nara lovers. Under the concept, “Communicate the warmth of people and scent of nature,” we endeavor to convey information about restaurants and tourist spots in the southern part of Nara Prefecture and promote visits to the area to contribute to enhancement of economic benefits.
Previous feature articles have been collected and are sold as the “Yamatobito Books” series.

Nippon Town magazine & Freepaper Award 2015
Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency Award (tourism section) – Received an award for excellence

Free community paper for registered members. Issued quarterly. Annual membership fee: 1,000 yen Click here for registration (Japanese only). The latest English version can be browsed from here (time-limited, published on the Internet only)

* The YAMATOBITO concept shop “Kokoro Mise”
“Kokoro Mise” is the YAMATOBITO concept shop which is located close to Hasedera Temple. You can find the Yamatobito Tours desk, Yamatobito Cafe and Yamatobito Select Shop (display and sales of Japanese paper products and sales of souvenirs of Nara) there.

Kokoro Mise
830, Hase, Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture 633-0112
Business hours: 10:00 – 17:00
Shop holidays: Tuesdays and Wednesdays
(Open on holidays. Shop holidays may vary.)

* “Jitabi” tour – community based tourism – “Yamatobito Tours”
We will guide you on this special journey to Nara.


* Japanese paper product “TAKA”
We developed material which is Japanese paper with water-resistant processing. It can be sewn. It is 100% made of natural materials which are eco-friendly and safe for the environment. We have product lineups which consist of tote bags and accessories such as earrings and necklaces.

* Notebooks bound in Japanese style “Gendai-watoji”
“Watoji” refers to the Japanese traditional bookbinding format which uses twofold Japanese paper bound with threads. Our Gendai-watoji® uses a special binding format with threads crossing on the spine.

* Japanese confectionery “Meoto-manju”
Meoto-manju is a Japanese sweet which was first cooked 400 years ago in the Edo Period. “Meoto” means husband and wife in Japanese. Its production stopped around 70 years ago, but we reproduced it. You can eat it at Kokoro Mise.